The MBM500 is the low cost machine that does it all! It is a concrete mixer, material feeder, and block machine all rolled into one. Needing little more than a level piece of ground and raw materials, the entire production system sets up in minutes and is ready to manufacture. Our dual production system allows you to manufacture both wet and dry cast products with little effort in between.

  • The machine consists of a solid steel frame with a 12’x5’ footprint and 9’ tall when the mixer is up.
  • A 48” hydraulically controlled reversible pan mixer with access doors on either side of the mixer for easy cleanup and for the ability to discharge wetcast concrete out the back of the mixer.
  • A separate 120V water proof control console and stand
  • A 10hp 220V motor with dual hydraulic pumps and 1.1 million cycle hydraulic hoses
  • UL listed electronics with internet connectivity and world wide customer support
  • An 18”x30”x10” tall production area
  • A separate 120V water proof control console and stand
  • Top and bottom mounted vibration system

For more information about the MBM500 please login to the Contractor portion of the website or call us at 888.379.2210.

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