Fossill Stone Retaining Walls

Our Fossill Stone retaining wall system consists of 14 naturally textured and multi-colored blocks, all 6″ high by 16″ wide and 12″ deep. Each block weighs 70 lbs. and has a 3/4″ lip on the back to ensure proper set-back and to lock the block in place. The system includes top caps (3″ high, 19″ wide, 11″ deep – 50 lbs) and two-sided corner blocks (6″ high, 16″ wide, 8″ deep – 55 lbs) for the wall’s details.

The innovative locking lip on the back of each block allows the wall to be curved to the inside or outside. Use of the corner block supports 90° turns and permits stairs to be built into the wall.


Fossill Stone Color And Sealant

Fossill Stone wall blocks are available in natural, earth tone colors which compliment any design. The wall blocks can be left to weather naturally or can be sealed with a concrete sealant in order to enhance and protect the block color.

Block Colors