Adorn™ Mortarless Stone Veneer

Adorn™ Mortarless Stone Veneer is a great choice for any exterior or interior home improvement or new construction project. With the natural look of stone in an easy-to-use product, Adorn will add style without the expensive installation costs of traditional stacked stone.

  • The Adorn system is offered in a panel format, with corners and sills (all sold separately) that are very easily installed by way of fasteners on any stable structure.
  • No starter strip or additional accessories required aside from fasteners (screws, etc).
  • Can be installed over standard house wrap with the addition of a layer of 15lb felt behind Adorn to create a water resistant barrier.
  • Easy to work with because it does not require any special skills or tools to install, designed for the professional or do-it-yourselfer.
  • Product has a 30-year limited warranty on any defects in the stone veneer siding as long as it is installed accordingly to local building codes and the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Product Info

Quick and Easy Installation

Required Tools
Cordless drill with proper driver tip • Circular or chop saw with diamond blade • Level • Measuring tape • Utility knife • Caulking gun • Hammer • Gloves • Safety glasses • Dust mask • Ear plugs

Installation Notes

  1. Cutting stone veneer is often a key part of installation. You can use either a circular saw or a grinder with an inexpensive dry saw diamond blade found at any hardware store.
  2. No brick ledge or starter strip is required.
  3. Water Resistant Barrier – Such as 15 lb felt layer or similar material over a layer of house wrap.
  4. Stone Veneer Installation – Starting at the bottom checking for level after each course, make adjustments if necessary. When placing veneer on the wall each joint must be staggered by a minimum of three inches. Saw cut might be required.
  5. Screwing or Nailing Flange – Screw or nail the flange approximately one inch above the veneer and one inch from each side with one extra fastener in the middle. Each stone must have at least one of its fasteners attached to a stud to a depth of 1”.
  6. Corners – Right and left corners must be staggered
  7. When using corners set the corner first and work away.

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Natural Concrete Products stone veneer siding products are under warranty for 30 years from the date of purchase when installed in conformance to local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions. Natural Concrete Products will replace any material deemed defective at no charge. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and may not be transferred. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from the following: settling of building or other wall movement; discoloration due to airborne contaminants; contact with chemicals or paint; staining or oxidation; use of non-breathable sealer.

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in stone veneer siding products manufactured by Natural Concrete Products.

Natural Concrete Products is not responsible for labor costs incurred in removal and replacement of defective products. Hearth pieces are not warranted for use on the ground or as a surface subject to foot or vehicular traffic.