SRW Retaining Wall & Paver Adhesive
SRW has been around the block when it comes to a name that contractors ask for. It is formulated especially for masonry, concrete, brick, block, pavers and common landscaping materials. SRW Adhesives provide a fast, secure method of bonding retaining wall block, steps, corners and coping for commercial and residential walls and pavers – even on wet, frozen or damp surfaces. SRW Retaining Wall and Paver Adhesive comes in standard and VOC compliant forumulas.

Bi-directional Geogrid for Retaining Walls 10′ and under
The SRW Universal and 3 Series Geogrids are an easy-to-use, bi-directional geogrid that are popular with the serious do-it-yourselfer and contractors.

These geogrids work with any retaining wall system. No special tools or equipment are required…just prepare the project site per the installation instructions supplied with the retaining wall system. Then, simply lay out the geogrid where needed, measure to the required length, and cut with an utility knife or scissors. When installed, they lay flat and will not recoil (even in cold weather). “Bi-directional” means equal strength in both the length and width of the roll. Each label contains detailed design charts & installation instructions.

SRW Universal Geogrid is perfect for retaining walls up to 6 feet in height. The SRW 3 Series is perfect for retaining walls up to 10 feet in height.

Dap SmartBond® Landscape Construction Adhesive
Offers increased ease-of-use and speed for laying blockwork in retaining walls, garden walls and water feature perimeters.

Coverage: One 12 oz. can yields approximately 240 lin. ft. @ ½” bead

For Use On: Landscape blocks, brick, natural and synthetic stone, wood, concrete, treated wood and other hardscape materials